Reasons Why One Should Visit This Hidden Biryani Heaven In Indore


BIRYANI, the very mention of the word is enough to make you hungry. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you are never too far away from a sumptuous plate of biryani. Be it a family dinner, date with your partner or lunch with your friends, Biryani is everyone’s favourite dish. If you are a biryani connoisseur ( which everyone is) you would know what a plate of flavourful rice cooked with heavenly meat and evergreen herbs can do to your senses. If you are gaga over biryani then this blog is for you.

One might not associate Indore as where one can get the best biryani places. However, few places in the city do manage to serve a pretty mean version of what is (arguably) one of the most popular rice dishes around the world. So let’s look into the restaurant which I believe, serves the best biryani in Indore

How I found this gem?

I had gone to Indore a few months back, for an internship in an accounting agency I worked for back then. While the internship was about accounting, I used the opportunity to check out some of the city’s biryani joints which were local favourites and went beyond its most famous ones. My most favourite biryani destination was Nafees Restaurant which was recommended to me by my girlfriend. The restaurant has a soothing, calm, Mughlai ambience. The outlet is located at 30-B, Apollo Avenue, Greater Kailash Road, New Palasia, Indore.


Nafees Restaurant had a heritage feel to its interior which is seen in most of these classic biryani restaurants. They have two floors, but the ground floor is where I always go as it has a nice cosy vibe to it.


When you enter the restaurant you will be greeted with the aroma of biryani, nihari, paya and what not. Youll instantly fell like a nawab being welcomed by his most beautiful wife. In my case being welcomed by the aroma of biryani was more than enough. I had already reserved a table for me and my girlfriend. The staff is friendly, quick and efficient. The menu had many rows beyond Biryani and Mughlai and also had Chinese food as well. 

The biryani came in a cute little pot. I chose Chicken biryani, the largest portion possible. It was served with some yoghurt based chutney. Honestly, the best part about the biryani is that they offer more pieces than the rice, which my girlfriend hates. 

The rice in the biryani was usual basmati rice. Long, aromatic and cooked with great finesse. The pieces of chicken were quite huge but tender, I mean it literally melts in your mouth. The Nafees restaurants Biryani is one of its kind and a worthy candidate for India’s best biryani. 

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Sai satish yalla
Sai satish yalla

Enna explanation macchan😍😍😍.

Prateik ki gf ki friend
Prateik ki gf ki friend

Oh my god. This blog is amazing. Prateik ki gf suggested me this site and it opened my eyes into the uncharted territory of indorian restaurants. Thank u skinniefoodie, thank u Prateik ki gf. Looking forward to new cuisines and new dishes.

pooja mangle
pooja mangle

❤️ best biryani i had it was from nafees